Time To Write

Spend a day free of distraction, full of inspiration and supported by community of Global Majority writers and entrepreneurs from the US and beyond. Work on whatever you want, in private or with a one-on-one session with your facilitator, Jesi Vega.

Writers have described Jesi’s one-day retreats as:

  • Transformational, inspiring and validating.
  • An investment in my creativity, my business and my art.
  • A safe and welcoming environment. It really allows me to exhale and create space in my mind to think, dream and write.


  • March 19, 10am-5pm (Pacific)/1pm-8pm (Eastern)
  • June 18, 10am-5pm (Pacific)/1pm-8pm (Eastern)
  • September 17, 10am-5pm (Pacific)/1pm-8pm (Eastern)
  • December 10, 10am-5pm (Pacific)/1pm-8pm (Eastern)
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