Everyone has a story to tell and, if you’re in the public eye as an entrepreneur, educator, activist, or artist, it’s essential to know yours.

In marketing terms, your story is your “brand,” but it’s also much more than that. Your story makes you relatable, and it’s a way for people to know who you are and remember your message.

Your story is also the source of your wisdom.

My upcoming workshop, Origin Stories: Not Just For Superheroes, is designed specifically for entrepreneurs. If you’re an entrepreneur who knows where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished, but struggles to put it into words that make sense, this workshop is for you. It’ll give you the perspective you need to see your life, and talk about it, as the heroic and inspiring journey it’s been.

Over the course of four ninety-minute sessions, I will guide you and a select group of entrepreneurs through the basics of storytelling so that, at the end of eight weeks, you’ll know them backwards and forwards, and be able to put them into YOUR words in any situation.

The workshop will help you get clear on things such as:

  • Where you started
  • …what you wanted
  • …what was in the way
  • …what you achieved
  • …what you learned
  • …and where you still want to go

Whether you’re posting on social media, being interviewed by a journalist or on a podcast, or speaking at an industry or civic event, knowing your Origin Story will not only have you writing, speaking and sharing about yourself with greater ease, it will be a constant reminder that you are a hero. Dates: TBA